‘Turn Your Nothing into Something You Love’: eBay Pushes Sustainability to Another Level

eBay is helping millions of people across the world to tackle their frustration of having nothing to wear through its latest campaign ‘Turn Your Nothing into Something You Love’. The multinational e-commerce platform teamed up with the creative agency Dept to highlight real-life stories.

Nazia Du Bois, eBay Marketing Director, said the platform is well positioned to encourage the masses to act on this universal insight by listing their ‘nothing to wear’ wardrobe items so that they can become someone else’s ‘something to love’. “And you in turn, can find what you really want to wear.”

She explained that it’s a brand message. “It perfectly lands our belief that people should fill their lives with more of the things that they love whilst also fueling the circular fashion economy by driving seller supply and buyer demand through a single effective messaging strategy.”

Bel Moretti, Dept Creative Director, said this was an opportunity to tackle a feeling everyone faces, that feeling of ‘nothing to wear’ that plagues everyone’s plans. “Because everyone’s been there, staring into a wardrobe full of clothes and feeling like we have absolutely nothing to wear. Our reluctance to give up on fashion we no longer love, filling our spaces and causing fashion fatigue. Why start every day feeling like you have nothing to wear, when you could start your days with something you love.”

‘Turn Your Nothing into Something You Love’ aims to encourage people to buy, sell, and connect with the platform.

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Nandika Chand