HSBC’s ‘Opening Up A World of Opportunity’ Features Virat Kohli

In HSBC India’s latest campaign Opening up a World of Opportunity, Virat Kohli tells viewers to forget about all his accomplishments and cricketing past and to concentrate on the new opportunities and the persona he is about to assume.

The door then opens and he exists into an energetic stadium. The red door transforms into the HSBC logo with the tagline “My Account Starts Today”. This campaign shows a side of the former captain of the Indian national cricket team that has never been seen before. HSBC evokes nostalgia in the campaign with a shot of the cricket stadium, Kohli’s name on a billboard beneath a prestigious list of batsmen before abruptly starting to fade away.


Kohli shared that when he was first informed about the association with HSBC, he felt it was right and comfortable. “And that’s something I always look for when an association comes up. I knew that the association would be very organic and natural, and not be forced in any way. One can rest on their accomplishments, but the moment at hand is what counts most. My belief system of discipline, commitment, and focus, aspects that have played a key role in my career so far, resonates deeply with HSBC’s rich legacy in India, disciplined approach, and long-standing commitment.”

Sandeep Batra, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC India, said their collaboration with Virat Kohli reflects the deep-rooted positive sentiments and unwavering commitments to India. “With our extensive range of products and services, we are strategically positioned to support multiple facets of India’s economy, poised for enduring growth. This campaign serves as a testament to our dedication to growth and our aspiration to become the preferred international financial partner for our clients.”


Jaswinder Sodhi, Head of Customer Proposition, Digital and Marketing – Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC India, said the campaign holds a special place in their hearts as it resonates with their core purpose of ‘Opening up a world of opportunity’. He believes cricket’s ability in India to transcend boundaries seamlessly integrates with their objective. “Through the campaign, we are reiterating our dedication to providing new opportunities to our clients. As a brand, we are committed to long-term success, investing in growth and forging an emotional connection with our customers.”

Rahul Ghosh, ECD & Mumbai Creative Head, Contract Advertising, explained that at the core of the creative idea was a belief that one makes history only when one forgets history. He said this campaign was about making all sorts of history – coming together of two global icons.

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