eBay Enhances Platform with Generative AI for Sellers

eBay has introduced a powerful new feature, powered by generative AI, to empower sellers. It enables sellers to draft social media posts with a click of a button. The new feature is in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Sellers can share individual listings, categories, promotions, and stores. They can click on the ‘Use AI Caption’ button next to the text entry box when adding a social media caption. The generative AI solution feature will then craft a post about the item being listed, including hashtags and emojis. This is just one of the many ways eBay is leveraging innovative technology to help connect people and build communities to empower economic opportunity for all.

eBay says their generative AI crafts a post about the item listed, including hashtags and emojis. “The seller can prompt the AI to rewrite captions and also manually customize to include any, all, or none of those extra features. Once published, the post also includes a link to the listing(s) along with images of the item to attract new buyers.”


The e-commerce platform is seeing a great response from users. “Sellers love the new feature, wherein one wrote ‘Just wanted to say that the generative AI feature in the eBay Social posting tool is a major game changer with social sharing’.”

eBay is also working on auto posting feature whereby sellers will be able to choose to automatically post their listings to social media as soon as the listing is published, with no additional action needed.

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