Revamp Your Social Media Campaigns with Customizable Music from Juice

Juice, a new music company with a laser focus on social media and short-form online content for brands and creators, has been launched by former TikTok creative licensing executive Rich Sica and commercial music industry veterans Jack Bradley and Aleena Bissett. The team aims to produce both bespoke and customizable ready-to-go music solutions that drive brand awareness for their partners.

Extensive Network of Composers and Artists

Juice taps into an extensive network of composers and artists primed for short-form musical scoring, ranging from Grammy-nominated composers and producers to viral TikTok creators. Recognizing the incredible importance of creators in the social sphere, they are putting artists at the forefront of their sonic approach for campaigns to be launched across TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Curating a Library of Tracks

Juice is curating an ever-growing library of tracks that were made by relevant artists and brand music experts. This will allow marketers to move very quickly without sacrificing creativity and engagement. Their approach focuses on creative synergy and customizability. From a deliberately curated music library of tracks created by artists to tracks created for the unique creative scope of a short-form campaign, Juice knows that finding the right song is worth the squeeze.

Streamlined Process

While creativity and collaboration are top priorities for Juice, they also understand the hurdles for brands when it comes to producing content that engages viewers in a relevant and timely manner, while still avoiding the legal pitfalls of media clearances in the murky digital age. Juice is making the process as turnkey as possible by offering both exclusive, pre-cleared music and custom collaborations with their network of amazingly diverse and talented musicians.

Reaching Millions of Eyeballs in Less Than 48 Hours

According to Rich Sica, social media has completely changed the content game for brands, but there is so much potential within that new landscape. With the possibility of reaching millions of eyeballs in less than 48 hours with constant organic engagement, the true reach of a carefully executed social campaign is truly invaluable.

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Juice’s team has collective experience in sonic collaborations on social media campaigns for top brands including Progressive, Dunkin Donuts, Aetna, Macy’s, and Simmons, among numerous others. With their expertise in the nuanced needs of music for social-first creativity, Juice is set to become a game-changer in the industry for brands and creators alike.

The Big Picture

Juice launches to help brands harness the power of music on social platforms with an understanding of digital marketing and music for short-form content. Built by veterans of the creative industries, Juice could become an instrumental partner for brands looking to drive engagement through sound. By addressing the nuanced needs of music for social-first creativity, Juice is poised to emerge as an industry leader for brands and creators alike.

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Hasin Hamza