Connect with Gen Z: Every Detail Needs to be Intentional, Lasting Impression

Marketers are doing their all to connect with Gen Z through new products and services, and sustainability, but it seems to be a hard nut to crack. Everything matters to the Zoomers.

Gen Z comprises of people born between 1996 and 2010 in the digital age. Their behaviors are shaped by how they grew up. According to report by McKinsey, Gen Zers are the first real digital natives. They work, shop, date and make friends online. The report states that Gen Zers curate their online selves more carefully than those in prior generations, and are more likely to turn to trends of anonymity, more personalized feeds, and a smaller online presence, even as they voraciously consume media online.

Sarah Rooney, SVP and head of US at Huxly (a brand strategy firm),  during the recent Youth Marketing Strategy event in New York said Gen Z shoppers look for products that offer unique experiences and align with their values. “From design on the box to the way the products feel in your hands, every detail needs to be intentional and leave a lasting impression.” She highlighted the importance of crafting a cohesive brand story across culture, branding, and experience. “We’re big fans of the iconic ‘crack’ when you bite into a Magnum ice cream. It’s so much more than just an auditory detail – it’s part of what makes the product so memorable.”

Connect with Gen Z: Every Detail Needs to be Intentional, Lasting Impression

Andrew Wardlaw, chief ideas officer at MMR Research Worldwide, said brands need to make sensorial theatre – a part of brand strategy to help grow engagement and product memorability. “This generation has never known anything other than exceptional quality, so brands must now activate experiences involving peak product moments that can truly pierce the consciousness of this cohort.” He said it could be an unexpected or unusually potent sensory moment that sparks social sharing, and help the brand become more remembered.

Hemanth Reddy, a growth strategist, acknowledged that convincing Gen Z about new products is a complex challenge for marketers. He highlighted in an article that by adapting to their unique characteristics and preferences, marketers can build meaningful connections and successfully engage with them. “Embracing authenticity, purpose-driven marketing, and innovative strategies will be key to meeting this challenge and thriving in the evolving consumer landscape.”

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