Color Mill Takes Up ‘Universal Favorite’ to Reflect Vibrance of Food Coloring Products

Color Mill, a family-owned Australian-based food color manufacturer, has rebranded to “Universal Favorite” to reflect the fun and vibrance of its products. The name change expresses its key qualities – premium, playful, and kaleidoscopic with color.

Universal Favorite wants to give its dedicated community products that looked as beautiful on the shelf as they did in its baked goods. With the rebranding, the company reflects what its community creates. It celebrates the joy, play, mess, and finesse of the cake-decorating process, from the kitchen counter to the baking tray to the final touches.

The rebranding highlights Universal Favorite as a brand system that is expressive, imaginative, and flexible. It reflects the spectrum of baked goods, from sophisticated and elevated right through to sweet, sugar chaos.

Universal Favorite says the company whipped up a top-to-toe rebrand that’s fun, exciting, and enticing to look at as the things their customers create and cements their status as the best, brightest, and boldest in the business. “It made sense for the brand to reflect what its community creates, so it began with the idea of ‘color play’, a concept that celebrates the joy, play, mess, and finesse throughout the cake-decorating process, from the kitchen counter to a baking tray, to final touches. We wanted the brand system to be expressive, imaginative, and flexible, allowing it to reflect the spectrum of baked goods.”

The rebrand needed to speak to everyone – from hobby bakers to wholesale bakeries while maintaining the playful personality of the brand.

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Nandika Chand