Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Enhances Travel Experience with utu

Turkish Airlines loyalty program Miles&Smiles has partnered with utu, a travel tech company, to enhance the flying experience with a 40% tax refund boost for travelers. Utu is a one-of-a-kind app that unlocks more value when the user shops tax-free. It offers the most refunds for Miles&Smiles members.

Sanjay Chinchwade, Chief Commercial Officer, Partnerships, says their goal is to transform tax-free shopping by providing travelers with the best value for their overseas purchases. “This partnership not only allows Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles members to earn 40% more on their VAT refunds but to enjoy their travel more as well, as they collect bonus Miles from their tax-free Shopping.”

Arif Ali Gezmisoglu, Turkish Airlines’ Director of Marketing, said the company strives to enhance their passenger’s travel experience.

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“This partnership with utu allows us to offer our Miles&Smiles members even more value on their journeys, transforming their tax-free shopping into rewarding travel benefits. It’s another step in our commitment to making every trip with Turkish Airlines a truly rewarding experience.

Members of Turkish Airlines’ Classic Plus, Elite, and Elite Plus Miles&Smiles can enjoy more enhanced services. Utu is extending an automatic status match to Turkish Airlines’ premium members matching their status with Miles&Smiles and offering up to 40% increase in air Miles without the need to qualify separately or pay for a subscription.

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Enhances Travel Experience with utu

To reap these benefits, travelers need to download the utu Tax-Free app, register, and choose Miles&Smiles as their preferred Rewards Program. They will receive an exclusive invitation to accept the status match. For the tax refund, utu members have to fill in their utu Tax-Free Card number on any provided tax-free form and complete the standard Tax Refund Validation Process at the airport before departure. The upsized value of the refund in Miles&Smiles will then be credited to their Miles&Smiles account.

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