Fanta Gives Shoutout with ‘Wanta Fanta’, a Lyrical Twist

Fanta is reprising one of its most iconic global platforms ‘Wanta Fanta’ to nudge fans to do more of what they want amid the constant hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. The latest campaign brings back the nostalgic ‘Wanta Fanta’ anthem.

It features a lyrical twist that cleverly brings to life the struggle between everyday needs and wants, and captures the most common needs in a fan’s life. The campaign positions Fanta as the champion for daily little wants.

Wanta Fanta

Ibrahim Khan, Global Vice President of Marketing Fanta at The Coca-Cola Company, says ‘Wanta Fanta’ is a shoutout to a generation craving more balance and time out for themselves. “Walking through the supermarket, we realized the aisles were exploding with functionality. Most products focused only on the physical demands of a Gen Z lifestyle. So instead, we decided to speak to their spirit. Moments when they want drinks that are just delicious, with no strings attached. When they want to do things just for themselves to feel good. That’s what ‘Wanta Fanta’ is about. Because doing what you want can be as easy as drinking an ice-cold, delicious can of Fanta.”

Fanta Gives Shoutout with ‘Wanta Fanta’, a Lyrical Twist

Camilla Zanaria, Senior Director, Global Shopper & Consumer Content, Sparkling Flavors, said they created the new platform and work to speak directly to their fans, to let them know that they are seen and heard. “The campaign film and remixed jingle both speak directly to the often-challenging balance of daily responsibility and desire for fun our fans face. We want to give people permission to carve out more moments for what they want to do.”

As part of the campaign, fans can enlist a mix of TikTok creators to share engaging content inspired by and celebrating the new ‘Wanta Fanta’ tune. They can participate in the ‘Tell us what you #Wanta?” challenge for a chance to receive rewards like exclusive merch and product. Furthermore, the campaign includes a dynamic out-of-home and in-store creative, as well as a new digital film. It features a newly remixed version of the iconic Jingle with the same nostalgic ‘Wanta Fanta’ hook.

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