Kizik Launches New Brand Platform, First-Ever New York City Experiential Retail Popup

Kizik, a hands-free footwear company, has started a new brand platform giving consumers frictionless freedom to experience the limitless possibilities of life in motion. This will guide Kizik’s continued growth into retail, wholesale, and international markets.

Yard NYC, an award-winning creative agency created the new look for Kizik (tone, feel, logo, packaging, and advertising). Monte Deere, CEO of Kizik, said their customers shared astonishment at how effortlessly its step-in technology integrates into their lives, magically allowing them to live their lives in an elevated state of flow. “This feedback illuminated a larger realization: our innovation goes far beyond the convenience and functional benefit of not tying shoe laces; it unlocks a new way of living.”

Deere said the company is rapidly growing as a brand in retail channels and wholesale partnerships. “This year we will bring Kizik to over 500 wholesale locations alongside six of our own stores, projecting 15 stores total by the end of 2025. We’ve also signed with our first international partner to bring Kizik to the UK, with plans to continue our brand expansion internationally.”

An official statement added that Motion Magic, encompassing everything from product design and positioning to branding, marketing, retail experience, customer service, and company culture, will act as a catalyst for Kizik’s next and most ambitious phase of growth. Kizik will continue to expand its influence and reach new consumers in 2024 by forging a national brick-and-mortar roll-out, entering into new wholesale partnerships, and expanding into international markets.

Furthermore, Kizik will bring its bold, frictionless world to life through its first-ever New York City experiential retail popup in conjunction with MG2. When customers enter the store, they are taken on an immersive journey that brings the campaign to life through interactive visual installations that react to movement. This exhibit illustrates how every stride with Kizik, whether it takes you across the street or the world, can inspire magic.

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Nandika Chand