Tissot and Wilson Partners with WNBA for Limited-Edition Watches

Recognizing the growth of women’s sports, Tissot, Wilson has collaborated with WNBA for its two limited-edition watches, grounding the brand as the first official watch in league history. The two new 40mm Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA watches highlight the Swiss watchmaking and timekeeping expertise of Tissot, Wilson’s innovative and official WNBA basketball, as well as the cultural influence

WNBA Powermatic 80 is touted as the first-of-its-kind Tissot Seastar Wilson, while the Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA Quartz encompasses special features. It includes distinct white and orange details, recognized globally as the brand identity of the WNBA. The timepieces come with interchangeable orange and white straps, produced from Wilson’s Official Basketball of the WNBA, Evo-NXT Premium Composite Material.

Tissot and Wilson Partners with WNBA for Limited-Edition Watches

Moreover, the straps can be swapped out by clipping out and in – this flexible, high-comfort approach to watch design is a key element in delivering versatility and usability. The rotating bezels incorporate the 24-second basketball shot clock time. It should be noted that Tissot, Wilson, and the WNBA are all featured on the back of the case, which also features a WNBA Wilson basketball.

As for the next edition of the world-renowned Tissot Seastar, it is a specially designed edition within the existing 40mm models. The edition features two exclusive models – one powered by the Powermatic 80 movement, which is allures and highlights the esteemed mechanics associated with automatic watches, and the other by a high-quality Swiss Made quartz movement, known for its precision and reliability.Tissot and Wilson Partners with WNBA for Limited-Edition Watches

Furthermore, the Powermatic version stands out with its black circular brushed dial and mineral bezel, in comparison to the quartz model which features these in white. The watches are perfect for those looking for a sporty, but assertive accessory that ensures technical superiority.

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