Hellmann’s Launches Limited-Edition 1352: Refreshed Sneakers Made from Food Waste

Hellmann’s Canada, is tackling food waste with a new limited-edition sneaker. It comes with a deeper sustainability message.

Hellmann’s 1352: Refreshed Sneakers, concepted and designed with Italian-based brand ID.EIGHT champions of sustainable fashion, are made from common food waste items, including corn, mushrooms, apples, grapes, and more. Giuliana Borzillo, Brand Manager at ID.EIGHT, said Hellmann’s commitment to using local ingredients and their mission of reducing food waste complements ID.EIGHT’s commitment to using sustainable and quality materials, making them a natural partner for us.”

1352: Refreshed Sneakers

Harsh Pant, Sr. Brand Manager for Hellmann’s Canada, said Hellmann’s has a longstanding history of taking the necessary steps to address, raise awareness, and reduce food waste. “With 1352: Refreshed Sneakers we’ve created a visual representation of Canadian’s food waste, aimed at sparking conversation and challenging consumers to take small steps to reducing that $1,352 amount of food that’s wasted each year.”

The world’s No.1 mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s launched the ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ platform in 2018 to highlight the issue of food waste. Through actively transitioning to environmentally friendly packaging materials, and spearheading campaigns, such as Flexipes, and Hellmann’s Fridge Night App provide consumers with tips, tricks, and helpful resources to reduce their own food waste, Hellmann’s continues to champion what it means to make a tangible impact and sustainable changes.


The 1352: Refreshed Sneakers are the latest product on the ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ legacy, leveraging a culturally relevant medium to engage a wider audience on the food waste issue and connect with a new generation.

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