Dole Packaged Foods Tackles Organic Waste with Functional Fashion

Dole Packaged Foods has created a beautiful solution with Rais Case (circular design brand) and Ananas Anam (creator of Pinatex) to transform organic waste into functional fashion. They launched Vida Bag, a limited-edition product made with Pinatex, an innovative, vegan leather alternative created by Ananas Anam using pineapple leaf fibers from the Dole Philippines farms.

Orzse Hodi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Dole Packaged Foods, Americas, said for every ton of pineapples harvested, three tons of pineapple leaves are discarded. “This makes it our job to find ways to reduce and repurpose our waste as much as we can. In addition to using the discarded leaves as fertilizer, partners like Ananas Anam and Rais Case helps us find beautiful solutions to reduce waste in a meaningful, unique way. In the last year, Dole has been able to achieve 83 percent reduction in organic waste in our global operations and this partnership is one way we are doing that.”

Julie Rais Ellis, founder of Rais Case, said circular design is always on their mind. “We are constantly trying to find ways to create durable, timeless, repairable goods that generate zero waste and support a circular economy. “When we discovered Pinatex, we felt it really resonated with our values – taking organic waste and making it into a durable leather alternative. This is a bag to feel proud to carry because of the beginning-to-end intention that went into it – from sourcing the pineapple leaves, to the transformation to Pinatex, and the design that went into handcrafting these bags. Gold was selected to evoke sunshine, and the bright blue interior lining symbolizes the bright blue sky at the Dole pineapple farm in the Philippines.”

Dr Carmen Hijosa, founder and chief creative and innovation officer of Ananas Anam, said these types of collaborations with Dole and Rais Case are so important on this journey to improving the planet and the lives of people. “Dole is a critical partner for us in sourcing fibers to begin the textile-making process. When companies come together, we can create beautiful change to help support people and our planet.”

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Nandika Chand