Zero-Emission Branding: Vertical Aerospace’s Skyward Transformation

Bristol-based Vertical Aerospace is on a mission to turn the vision of futuristic air travel into reality. With a focus on accessible and affordable electronic aviation, the company aims to revolutionize the industry while also addressing environmental concerns. To reflect their ambition and showcase their innovative approach, Vertical Aerospace developed a striking brand identity and website. Let’s explore the partnership and the steps taken to bring the concept of electric air travel from fantasy to a tangible reality.

Making Fantasy a Reality

Vertical Aerospace aims to transform air travel by introducing electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft into cities. These zero-emission aircraft, showcased on the new website, will offer a sustainable alternative to traditional modes of transport, reducing the environmental impact and easing congestion on roads and rails. With the vision of commercial eVTOL flights on the horizon, Vertical Aerospace required a modern brand identity and website that would appeal to both commercial partners and the general public.

Breathing Life into the Brand

Fiasco, a digital and brand studio also based in Bristol, collaborated with Vertical Aerospace to bring their brand identity and website to life. Through the use of CGI renders, Fiasco effectively showcased the VX4, one of Vertical’s flagship designs, to illustrate the future of air travel. The website was designed to reflect the company’s vision while introducing the concept of eVTOL flights to the wider public. The clean and simplistic framework not only highlights cutting-edge aeronautical design but also incorporates a direct and punctual tone of voice that resonates with British sensibilities.

Engaging Visuals and Immersive Experience

The new website’s visually-led approach captivates visitors, combining motion design with scroll-based transitions and interactions to create a sense of upward and forward momentum. The color palette draws inspiration from different times of the day, blending warm oranges with blue hues, reminiscent of the sky. A bespoke suite of iconography and a new typographic system were developed to showcase Vertical Aerospace’s technical and engineering prowess. The inclusion of candid photography, featuring both wide-angle compositions and tightly-cropped action shots, further immerses viewers in the world of electric flight, presenting it as something obtainable and real.


Vertical Aerospace, in collaboration with Fiasco, has taken a significant step towards revolutionizing air travel with its brand identity and website. By showcasing their zero-emission eVTOL aircraft and presenting them as a tangible reality, the company aims to transform the aviation industry while addressing environmental concerns. The visually-led website offers an immersive experience, combining motion design and engaging visuals to evoke a sense of upward momentum. With its clean framework, direct tone of voice, and captivating photography, Vertical Aerospace’s brand identity and website provide a glimpse into the future of sustainable air travel and inspire a shift in perception from fantasy to a tangible and obtainable reality.

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