SailGP Champions Sustainable Branding With World’s First Plastic-Free Sailing Sportswear

SailGP, a competitive sail racing league, has partnered with sustainable apparel startup Mover and organization A Plastic Planet to develop the world’s first 100% plastic-free technical sportswear collection. The collaboration challenges the status quo of performance clothing’s reliance on synthetic fibers.

Pioneering Plastic-Free Fabrics

The transition to plastic-free materials in technical sportswear has been a challenge due to the need for specific materials for thermal protection. However, this collaboration has successfully created what they claim to be “the world’s first plastic-free technical sportswear”.

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The 6-piece capsule combines lightweight merino wool and cotton to create elasticity and compression without elastane, a key hurdle in plastic-free activewear. Removing plastics required reviving old manufacturing techniques to knit natural fibers with specific tensions.

The project aims to prove high-performance textiles can excel without fossil fuel-derived fabrics like nylon and polyester, which make up 69% of all fibers used globally. These synthetic materials shed microplastics and contribute to plastic pollution.

Promoting Sustainability in Sports

As a purpose-driven league, SailGP is committed to sustainability in sports. Testing plastic-free gear in extreme sailing conditions can demonstrate that natural materials can meet technical demands. The collaboration with Mover furthers SailGP’s goal to be the world’s most sustainable racing league.

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Health and Environmental Risks of Synthetics

Many are unaware of the health and ecological impacts of synthetic clothing production. Chemicals used to treat fabrics like antimony and PFAS have toxic and carcinogenic effects. Even recycled synthetics emit harmful substances during production and use. Natural fibers offer a safer, more sustainable alternative.

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Accelerating the Shift from Synthetic to Natural

Partnerships between sports leagues and innovators like Mover can accelerate the industry’s shift away from synthetics towards natural, biodegradable materials. As consumers become more sustainability-conscious, they are demanding ethical and eco-friendly activewear options. Plastic-free collaborations like SailGP x Mover help pave the way.

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The collaboration between SailGP and Mover stands as a beacon of hope in the battle against plastic pollution. By pioneering plastic-free technical sportswear, this initiative showcases that high-performance textiles can be achieved without relying on fossil-fuel-based fibers. Together with A Plastic Planet’s support, this project sends a powerful message—innovation and collaboration pave the way for a sustainable future, where sportswear and apparel can be both technically advanced and eco-friendly.

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