How Sustainable Strategies Can Shape The Future of Branding?

Running a business has always been challenging, but the current global climate has made it even more so. Business leaders today face unprecedented pressures such as volatile markets, social-justice strife, and environmental disasters. Add in rising material costs and stretched supply chains, and it’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed. However, purpose-driven leadership and sustainability initiatives […]

Telosa: Know about America’s Futuristic City to Be Built in the US Desert

telosa America’s Futuristic City

The City Telosa is a proposed city that is set to be built in the desert of the United States, with an estimated cost of $400 billion. The Telosa project was proposed in September 2021 by billionaire Marc Lore. It is to be built somewhere in the US western desert.   The name ‘Telosa’ derives […]