JOZO Table Salt Introduces Recyclable New Shaker

JOZO, a European table salt producer, has adopted a new packaging from a multi-material canister to a polypropylene shaker with a PP in-mold label that is recyclable. The company pioneered salt-shaker dispenser packaging, in the Netherlands in the 1950s, moving away from the traditional paperboard carton. The shaker was made of a mix of materials, with a paperboard and aluminum body, a polyethylene bottom, and a PE and polystyrene cap.

Now, JOZO has completely redesigned its shaker packaging. It features high print quality and includes an optimized closure that enhances consumer ease of use. Alexander Heinsdijk, business development and marketing manager of SPA, said it was a challenge to develop packaging that was both sustainable and highly attractive. He pointed out that a mono-material package was the answer.

JOZO salt shakers enhanced with in-mould labels in cross-sectoral partnership | Packaging Europe

The new shaker and the label are made from PP. The label is an in-mold label that fused with the shaker during the injection-molding process. Heinsdijk highlighted the dispensing cap. “One of the functional requirements was to optimize the tamper-evident function, which allows consumers, at the time of purchase, to see at a glance if the product has already been opened.” He said JOZO wanted to make this feature more user-friendly. “We were also given the task of providing the end user with multiple options for dispensing fine salt.”JOZO Table Salt Introduces Recyclable New Shaker

The shaker features a multifunctional dispensing cap that incorporates a dual-valve system with integrated TE functionality that allows consumers to dispense the desired amount of salt, made possible by one opening with five larger holes and one opening with nine smaller ones.

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