NEOM Airlines Will Serve Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic City, Set for Launch by 2024

Set to begin operations by the end of 2024 or early 2025, NEOM Airlines is part and parcel of the NEOM initiative to redefine excellence and disruptive approaches. It will emerge as the new, third national airline to complement and have its own unique place alongside the established flag carrier SAUDIA, and Riyadh International Airlines.

NEOM Airlines Will Serve Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic City, Set for Launch by 2024

Klaus Goersch, CEO of NEOM Airlines, believes there will be no clash as each airline has a clear strategy – being a global network carrier, focusing on religious traffic or being an airline dedicated to destination. “As NEOM’s overall vision is to be the future of living and working, NEOM Airlines is there to support the needs of NEOM and its growing population, visitors and tourism. Our focus is on serving the destination from global international markets. This means the three airlines complement each other as partners for the joint ambitions of the Kingdom.”

The executive said the final route development plan is in the making. “But naturally key regional and global gateways are top candidates. We cooperate closely with all NEOM stakeholders and projects to align our ‘go to market’ strategy.” Goersch outlined that there is complexity based on decades of legacy systems and these areas are being addressed by NEOM Airlines. “We have a somewhat unique opportunity to take out complexity, as we are building a future airline from scratch. How the final product and innovation will look, we will share with the world at a later stage, but we will also make sure that innovation becomes a part of our DNA for ongoing development.”

All So Futuristic

NEOM Airlines will serve the brainchild of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman NEOM, a$500 billion futuristic gigacity which is being built in the north-west of Saudi Arabia. Goersch said the unique position of building an airline and airport from scratch provides the freedom to personalize the customer experience that has not been seen before in the aviation industry.

He revealed the new airline and airport will embrace advanced technology like biometrics and AI to make passengers’ experience equal to those of the 1 percent club that use private jets. Goersch said NEOM Airlines will not be a generic airline, as it will elevate every single touch point and the NEOM immersion will start before the passenger boards the plane in London, New York or Paris, etc.

NEOM Airlines will be uniquely placed to deliver a customer experience that can’t be replicated.

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Nandika Chand