Burger King and ITVX Join Forces for All New Epic ‘The Winter King’

Burger King and ITVX have done it again, bringing The Winter King to life with the spotlight on the service of delivery drivers in the chilly winter season.

The ad features a knight of the Dark Ages arriving in full gear to collect the Winter King Banquet to the shock of the staff. They see him take to a set of suburban streets upon his trusty steed to the bemusement of a Deliveroo driver on his moped.

Burger King and ITVX Join Forces for All New Epic ‘The Winter King’

Jane Stiller, ITV’s chief marketing officer, said they had great success with Deliveroo partnerships to date. “It’s a natural fit that when people are choosing what to watch, they’re also choosing what they want to eat. The launch of ‘The Winter King’ on ITVX is a new genre for the brand and so we wanted to turbocharge our partnership with Deliveroo. This social stunt is the perfect way to do so, matching the scale and ambition of ITVX – the UK’s freshest streaming platform.”

Mia Georgevic, Client Partner (Media & eCommerce) at Deliveroo, said they are proud of their ongoing partnership with ITV. “This stunt alongside our friends at Burger King UK was created to celebrate the role that food and food delivery can play in immersing yourself into a new TV series. As Christmas nears and leaving the comfort of your home becomes increasingly unappealing, we hope our customers can tune into the new ‘The Winter King’ series, order one of the limited-edition Banquet meals on the app, and let our fleet of riders deliver it straight to their doorsteps.”

The Winter King banquet is made up of a choice of two Burger King burgers, two large fries, and a choice of two sides, either chicken nuggets, chili cheese bites, or onion rings.

As for the new series The Winter King, its set in the fifth century in a brutal land of warring factions and tribes. It stars Iain De Caestecker, Ellie James, Jordan Alexandra, Stuart Campbell, and Valene Kane, among others.

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