Montblanc Celebrates 100 Years of MEISTERSTUCK Fountain Pen

Montblanc, a German luxury pen brand, is celebrating 100 years of its iconic Meisterstuck fountain pen, which has been used by great leaders of the world including Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama, among others.

To mark Meisterstuck’s centennial, Montblanc took over Los Angeles’ Paramour Estate for a starry soiree to launch a global campaign film directed by Wes Anderson, an Oscar-winning filmmaker. The campaign features Jason Schwartzman and Rupert Friend.Montblanc Celebrates 100 Years of MEISTERSTUCK Fountain Pen

Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc creative director, touched on writing. “I would love to have a new generation understand how important the personal intimacy of writing and drawing is. Through this, I learned to know myself. I like to tell young adults not to focus on the lives of others on Instagram. Don’t be obsessed with other people’s lives. Be obsessed with knowing yourself.”

In regards to celebrating Meisterstuck’s centennial in Los Angeles, Tomasetta explained one can think about doing impossible things that become possible. “Los Angeles’ light allowed movies in the 1920s to be lightened up. We wanted to convey a message of light. I want the light of Meisterstuck to be visible for the next 100 years.

The executive highlighted the global campaign saying the director’s signature pops of color and cinematic style was evident. “I chose Wes Anderson because when we were in the Meisterstuck archives, I noticed there were colors that felt very 1950s. They were reminiscent of him and his universe. He is the perfect director to explain how color is important to Montblanc.”Montblanc Celebrates 100 Years of MEISTERSTUCK Fountain Pen

The campaign film is subtle with not-so-subtle references to the brand’s history, including the snow-capped mountain setting in the opening scene, the imaginary Montblanc Observatory High Mountain Library, and the desk as the place where magic of writing happens.Montblanc Celebrates 100 Years of MEISTERSTUCK Fountain Pen

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