Click to Messenger Ads now available on Instagram

Facebook’s Click to Messenger Ads — that allows a user to initiate a direct conversation with a business by just tapping on an ad, is now available on Instagram as well. The new Instagram Click to Messenger ads will let you reach the people you care about on Instagram and engage with them on Messenger.

When someone clicks on the Instagram Click to Messenger ad, it opens a direct conversation with the user and your business in the Messenger App. The user will be sent to your Messenger Content which will include all of the text, image and video messages that you set up when you created the ad. Click to Messenger ads help to channel people’s interests on Instagram into an active conversation with your business, through an ad format of your choice – Image, Video or Carousel.

Click to Messenger Ads now available on Instagram

According to Facebook, Messenger Platform supports more than 100, 000 monthly active bots, and more than 2 billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses each month. With the focus on providing new ways for people to discover and connect with business, Click to Messenger Ads were rolled out to help direct people to a Messenger conversation with businesses or brands that matter to them.


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