LG Unveiled ‘Life’s Good’ Global Campaign Showcasing The Iconic Brand’s Recent Overhaul

LG Electronics has unveiled a new global campaign promoting its revitalized brand identity. LG’s initiative prioritizes people, delivering exceptional customer experiences through innovation and warmth. The campaign supports LG’s 2030 vision to become a ‘smart life solutions company’, marking a significant shift towards global relevance. The goal is to create a global impact and establish LG as an industry leader. Let’s delve into the details behind the campaign.

A Global Campaign Spreading Smiles

The branding overhaul by the iconic electronics brand appears in the global ad campaign emphasizing LG’s goal of using innovation to power smiles. The revamp is not just about aesthetics, but also a strategic shift that seeks to put people before technology. The campaign creatively revitalizes LG’s “Life’s Good” slogan that has spanned over two decades. The new visual identity and characters reimagine the slogan in a vivid, eye-catching manner. While keeping this core message, LG is evolving its brand image to better resonate across generational and cultural demographics. The playful spirit aligns with the company’s renewed focus on smart life solutions.

Two Cheerful New Brand Characters

Designed by Wolff Olins, the campaign pays homage to LG’s Korean heritage. Central to the campaign are the two cheery animated characters named Joy and Ryder designed by South Korean illustrator Jungmin Ryu, the pair exhibit lively, expressive personalities. Joy and Ryder spread cheer on social media, digital billboards, and screens in 80 countries. Subtle cultural touches like clothing tags and a ring referencing LG’s early Goldstar days add depth to the characters. Animade brought the characters to life through a series of dance moves and animated videos. Joy even flies through Times Square on a hoverboard. These vibrant brand mascots aim to reflect LG’s goal of putting people first and conveying a human-centric spirit.

Playful New Logo and Font

LG’s logo also evolved into a more dynamic, animated version. The 2D logo performs motions like winking, nodding, and spinning, displaying various “personality characteristics.” A brighter red color amps up the energy. An expressive custom serif font for the “Life’s Good” tagline replaces the expected techy San serif. This unique font from type foundry F37 brings a touch of warmth. In digital spaces, LG’s symbol playfully bops, nods, and winks. This engaging symbol interaction enhances online experiences.

Revitalizing a Longstanding Slogan

LG and Wolff Olins have delivered a flexible, future-ready identity through a ‘Life’s Good’ campaign with a bold, passionate, and optimistic brand image powering LG into the future. As LG stated, the new face aims to “bring a smile back to the world of technology” with an energetic, personable edge. With the introduction of Joy and Ryder, the campaign aims to redefine LG’s place in the tech world and celebrate its Korean heritage. The animated logo, custom serif font, and energetic red hue used in the campaign make the brand more relatable and appealing to customers worldwide. This campaign is proof that LG is keeping its tech edge but infusing its brand identity with optimism. The charming new personality assures to foster an emotional connection with consumers of all backgrounds. It’s a lively reset for an iconic brand eyeing its future as a human-centric industry leader.

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Hasin Hamza