Rover Launches ‘To My Hooman’: Playful Animated Ads, Narration by Pets

Rover, a leading pet care platform, in a heartwarming brand campaign “To My Hooman” assures pet owners that there’s nothing to worry about. In a series of playful animated ads, told from the perspective of pets, the furry creatures attempt to allay the concerns of owners who worry whether their pets will be taken care of when they are away on trips.

This ad campaign comes amid demand for pet sitting. Agency partner Little Hands of Stone in a survey revealed that 68 percent of pet owners believe their pet has a unique need. As such, Rover positions its products as offering a more personal touch. Through its latest campaign, Rover sought to tap into the emotional bond between pets and their owners.

Matt McCain, co-founder at Little Hands of Stone, said Rover wanted nothing more than to move beyond cute pet platitudes to what being a loving pet parent is really like. “It’s sweet, sometimes gross, hilarious, sad, joyous, and there’s lots of hair everywhere at all times.”

“To My Hooman” delivers a creative narrative by pets themselves, offering a glimpse into the emotionally charged perspective of beloved pets. It plays around the message “Hoomans, go do hooman things with peace of mind, for we’re in the caring paws of Rover’s sitters.” The series of 11 ad videos captures the endearing quirks of pets’ perceptions.

There’s also a small children’s choir. A loveable dog named Rooster orchestrates heartwarming gestures for his vacationing hooman, such as gifting a clump of fur in her cocktail. Playful puppies and mischievous cats steal the show with their adorable antics, with each pet’s unique personality shining through.

It also features well-known celebrities who share their personal experiences, giving a touch of authenticity and relatability. They recount heartwarming anecdotes about their own pets and the positive impact Rover has had on their lives.

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