Quiznos Makes Comeback With Iconic Spongmonkeys Brand Mascots

Quiznos has brought back its Spongmonkey for a new digital campaign for the sandwich chain. They even sing… “We are baaaack on a road trip to get to Quiznos.” The iconic mascots were last seen in an ad back in 2005.

They vanished when the restaurant took a hit due to the global financial crisis, some franchises shuttered, and the company went bankrupt. Quiznos closed around 95 percent of its stores. Reports highlighted Quiznos’ steep slip as the biggest in U.S restaurant industry history.

Tim Casey, CEO of Quiznos, said the Spongmonkeys were last seen in 2005 when they were loved and hated in roughly equal measure. “The return of the brand’s most famous mascots, the Spongmonkeys marks the resurgence of Quiznos.”

And now, the Spongmonkey is back more powerful than ever, as part of an effort to bring back Quiznos lost glory. The latest campaign highlights that its harder to find Quiznos these days. “And we’re here to fix that because it’s a new day, and we’re bringing Quiznos back.”

One of the Spongmonkeys screams “We love the subs.” Animator Joel Veitch created the infamous Spongmonkeys. He described the mascot as an enigma wrapped within another big enigma. “It’s a bunch of this and that tossed in there, bits of textures from rabbits, and some quite substantial dental defects from humans. They are heavily influenced by strange-looking bears and tarsiers.”

Quiznos has also revamped its look, has a new model, and plans to open more stores in 2024.

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