Fostering Success: Deliverect Campaign to Honor Flawless Restaurants Assures Zero Failed Orders

Deliverect, a global platform for integrating and streamlining online food orders, recently announced the launch of its Deliverect Star award program. The long-term campaign will recognize restaurants that have maintained a flawless record of zero failed online orders each month. The program aims to highlight operational excellence and commend restaurants that provide high customer satisfaction by fulfilling every online order.

Celebrating Success in a Rapidly Evolving Industry

The restaurant industry has faced massive upheaval over the past several years with the rise of food delivery apps and aggregators, changing consumer tastes, and a global pandemic. The Deliverect Star award program seeks to honor restaurants that have excelled in navigating this challenging environment. Restaurants will be selected based on their ability to satisfy all online orders from Deliverect partner channels and food aggregators without any failures.

Zero Failed Orders
Deliverect Awards

The Importance of Zero Failed Order Rate

The primary objective of the Deliverect Star award is to commend restaurants that have successfully fulfilled online orders received from various food aggregators and channels, which are also Deliverect partners, across the region. Maintaining a zero failed order rate enhances customer satisfaction, cultivates customer loyalty, and reduces food waste. It signifies operational efficiency, fosters positive online reviews, and contributes to long-term success.

The Deliverect Star award winners will receive a printed certificate and a trophy to commemorate their success. In addition, Deliverect will empower the selected winners by amplifying their achievements through social media and email newsletters, sharing their success with the rest of the community. The top performers will also be granted a digital badge to enhance their online presence and receive a branded box containing office desk goodies.

Naji Haddad General Manager of Deliverect MENA

According to Naji Haddad, General Manager of Deliverect MENA, the program acknowledges restaurants that have “stayed ahead of the curve, increasing their sales while satisfying every order they receive.” He emphasized the importance of recognizing top performers to encourage other restaurants to deliver the same level of excellence to their customers.

The Big Picture

The Deliverect Star award is a commendable initiative by Deliverect to recognize and honour restaurants that have maintained a flawless record of zero failed orders since the beginning of the year. The award signifies the importance of zero failed orders for restaurants, highlighting their operational efficiency, fostering positive online reviews, and contributing to long-term success. The recognition of Deliverect Star award winners through printed certificates, trophies, and social media amplification will encourage other restaurants to follow their lead and deliver excellence to their customers in the highly competitive restaurant industry.

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