Aldi’s ‘Get a Proper Raise’ Campaign Gets a Whimsical Twist with Bread Billboard

Aldi is enticing potential job applicants with a cheeky new recruitment campaign centered around food and finance puns. This cheeky and light-hearted cross-channel campaign with an attention-grabbing activation aims to raise awareness and drive applications for job openings across Aldi’s over 920 stores. Read on to know more about the campaign behind this unique billboard installation that could highlight Aldi’s status as the best-paying UK grocery chain.


 The ‘Bread Billboard’ Takes The Center Stage

The campaign is centered around eye-catching colossal billboards picturing gigantic food items like a massive loaf of bread. The bread creatively grows out of the billboard with a bakery-inspired tagline ‘Get a proper raise’. This clever wordplay hints at the higher wages Aldi offers compared to rivals. Created by Aldi’s agency McCann Manchester, the main goal behind the campaign is to raise awareness that Aldi offers the best supermarket pay in an unforgettable, on-brand way.

Messaging That Stands Out

We wanted to show how Aldi is committed to fairly rewarding colleagues through highly competitive salaries,” said Kelly Stokes, HR Director at Aldi. The campaign reiterates its promise of being the best-paying UK supermarket.

Social Media Drives Engagement

Alongside striking outdoor ads, Aldi is running engaging social media posts full of witty puns and food visuals. This keeps the campaign fresh and expands reach, especially amongst millennials and Gen Z. Aldi’s famously humorous tone attracts talent seeking a fun work culture.

Rapid Expansion Fueling Recruitment Drive

The light-hearted campaign supports Aldi’s plan to recruit over 1700 employees by the end of 2023, as they rapidly expand their chain to over 1050 UK stores. Aldi’s bold and creative ‘Get a proper raise’ messaging attracts the talent needed to enable their growth ambitions.

Previous Creative Triumphs

Aldi’s recent wine-dispensing billboard, which caused a stir around National Rosé Day in mid-June, showcased the supermarket’s knack for creative marketing. Located in Manchester’s St Ann’s Square, this innovative activation is a testament to Aldi’s ability to capture public attention.

Final Take

With attention-grabbing outdoor, digital, and social campaign elements centered around Aldi’s competitive pay, this recruiting drive demonstrates their understanding of what engages and attracts top talent. Aldi’s clever and quirky tone excites candidates seeking a fun environment.

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