Jell-O Rebrands First Time in 10 Years With New Logo and Packaging

Everyone’s favorite dessert Jell-O is rebranding with a new logo and look to revive the brand’s playful and colorful roots. The 126-year-old brand unveiled a new logo for the first time in a decade, with an updated packaging.

Jell-O is synonymous with fun, creativity, and deliciousness. Kraft Heinz, Jell-O’s parent company, said the brand continues to delight generations with its fun and jiggly treats and remains a staple in households across America as a dessert or a quick snack.

With the new visual, Jell-O wants to capture the jiggly fun that the brand brings to the young and old, highlighting its past and heading towards a vibrant future. Kristina Hannant, associate director of desserts at Kraft Heinz, said America’s Most Favorite Dessert aims to transcend generations and wants to continue bringing its customers on a never-ending flavor journey. “After 10 years, it was time to take a look at our packaging and bring Jell-O into the future in a bold, playful, wonder-filled way.”

Jell-O new logo When Gelatin Was a Status Symbol - Longreads

Jell-O’s new logo is loud, proud, and simple. The packaging boasts a bold and graphic drop shadow. The design, with more emphasis on the “O”, is still recognizable to customers. The O is a wave-like swirl, a bold and playful circle. Hannant said the logo went through many changes over the years and packaging underwent revamping at least 10 times from its original Victorian design scheme to a simpler, fruitier, or more complex, and party-like design.

But the Jell-O logo maintained its bold red color. The logo has been changed from sharp-edged block letters to thick, bubble-style letters. While the gelatin packaging remains in its typical square box, the flavors come in animated-looking designs. Jell-O pudding packages feature perfect-looking dollops of each flavor on a simple background.

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