A New Wave of Possibilities: Sendwave’s Vibrant Rebrand

Sendwave, the money transfer app that has become a lifeline for migrants worldwide, is unveiling a new brand identity. The rebrand reflects Sendwave’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and warmth, resonating with its mission to make financial transactions as effortless as sending a text message. This transformative identity not only pays homage to Sendwave’s name but also embodies the spirit of community and warmth that the platform has fostered since its establishment in 2014. Let’s explore more about their new identity.

A New Wave Identity Reflecting Global Connections

Sendwave has been working towards transforming the way migrants send money back home. They aim to make the process as easy as sending a text message. The company operates across 50 countries and has facilitated over $15 billion in remittances to 130 destinations worldwide. As they serve a global audience, they felt the need to evolve their brand identity to better resonate with their customers which resulted in their rebranding process partnering with the creative powerhouse, DesignStudio.

The new wordmark is designed to be bold and purposeful, while also conveying a sense of balance and authority. The new emblem is composed of two symmetrical wave shapes that form an abstract globe. This symbolizes Sendwave’s ability to connect communities worldwide and promote unity and collaboration.

Image credits: www.sendwave.com

In Your Corner

With the belief that everyone deserves someone in their corner, Sendwave’s rebranding revolves around the creative concept of ‘In Your Corner.’ This notion seeks to embody a warm and relatable tone of voice that is also confident and purposeful. The brand’s tagline, ‘For here. For there. For home,’ encapsulates the inclusive nature of Sendwave’s services, catering to the diverse needs of individuals across the globe.

Expressing a World of Warmth

Sendwave has introduced a custom typeface called ‘Sendwavy’, which was created in partnership with Florian Karsten Type Foundry. This new typeface adds personality and a playful edge to the brand. The company’s color palette includes sunny yellow, blue, pink, and orange, which helps to convey the vibrant and diverse global community that Sendwave represents.


With its captivating rebranding, Sendwave is poised to make an even greater impact in the money transfer industry. By celebrating the global community it serves, Sendwave’s new identity captures the essence of unity and empowerment. As the platform continues to facilitate seamless international money transfers, it remains committed to its vision of creating a world that embraces migrants’ contributions to prosperity.

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Hasin Hamza