Perfect All-Year-Round Snack: Ritz Launches Multi-channel Campaign

Ritz has positioned itself as a delicious cracker all year round through a multi-channel campaign. Directed by award-winning The Bobbsey Twins, with well-known comedian Daniel LaBelle who is renowned for his physical comedy on TikTok and YouTube, the campaign brings to life a common scenario.

The film features a family who is caught off guard when their guests arrive a bit too early. The doorbell rings, followed by a cleaning frenzy as toys are hidden down the back of a sofa and Dad disposes of a bag of rubbish that lands perfectly in the front garden dustbin, behind the patiently waiting guests. A voiceover says “Ritz. Ready when you aren’t”. The focus is on a packet of Ritz – which is ready to entertain, while the family is still catching their breath.

Ritz snack campaign

Declan Duggan, Marketing Manager Healthy Biscuits at Mondelez, said so many of us put pressure on ourselves in the run-up to hosting guests, especially when welcoming friends and family into our homes. “Ritz is the easy, versatile, and crowd-pleasing snack that helps you welcome people into your home when you may not feel ready…which no one ever does! While we know Ritz is a much-loved cracker during the festive season, this simple truth is universal and we wanted to show how Ritz can be enjoyed throughout the year.”

Jim Capp, Creative Director at VCCP London, said we’ve all been there, you’ve got friends coming over and no matter how prepared you think you are, there’s always a last-minute panic before the bell goes. “It’s great to see such an iconic brand like Ritz back on our screens with a bid of truthful humor.”

The campaign, aimed at young families and millennials, plays on the hilarity of the often chaotic lead-up to guests arriving, tapping into the idea that it’s great to have guests, but we all feel a bit of pressure in the moments before the guests arrive.

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Nandika Chand