TikTok Offers New Premium Ad Product to Position Brand Ads Directly

TikTok has a new premium ad product “Pulse Premiere” in offering for marketers for the first time, to position their ads directly in over a dozen categories, including entertainment, sports, education and lifestyle etc.

With “Pulse Premiere”, advertisers can display their advertisements alongside TikTok clips in the top 4 per cent of performers on any given day in terms of views and interaction. Marketers will have more control over ad placement within the Pulse program. Basically, Pulse Premiere offers a sort of brand-safe space within TikTok’s social video network. They are guaranteed their ads will run immediately after what the platform refers to as “suitable TikToks” from premium publishers.

Moreover, TikTok’s expansion will enable more publishers to directly monetize their content on TikTok, while also amplifying existing partnerships. This will also address concerns about ad placement amid user-generated content that had previously caused disruptions to YouTube’s ad revenue. With TikTok’s latest product, marketers can be assured of their placement as the content will run only alongside trusted NBCU publishers, such as  DotDash Meredith, and BuzzFeed. The platform is also partnering with Major League Soccer, Hearst Magazines, Vox Media, WWE, and UFC on the new program.

TikTok partners with ‘Pulse Premiere’

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Furthermore, markete YouTube’s ad rs will be able to use TikTok’s ad platform to tie their campaigns to tentpole events through Pulse Premiere. The new ad slots will help publishers generate increased revenue from their TikTok investments by way of a revenue-sharing agreement. Pulse Premiere is built off TikTok’s initial Pulse offering which was launched in 2022. This was the first ad product to offer a revenue share with content creators.

TikTok said its data indicates that users are 2.6x more likely to interact with a Pulse ad than a comparable ad on another video platform, and Pulse campaigns increased brand recall by +9.8 percent on average, and awareness by +6.8 percent.

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