Consumers Want Natural, Fresh and Healthy Snacks: Research

Busy, fast-paced lives mean skipping meals and opting for quick snacks for energy and nutritional boost, thus the demand for healthier snacking options. Consumers, who are health conscious, demand for snacks that are low in sugar, high in protein, and made with natural ingredients. It has to be a conveniently nutritious and guilt-free indulgence.

According to a report, 59 percent of global consumers like to see natural claims on snacks. They want snack products that are deemed natural, fresh, and healthy. And this has led to a rise in demand for snacks that are low in dietary evils like sugar and chemicals. Researchers say the formulation of snack products and the ingredients they contain shape consumers’ perceptions of snacking products.

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It can impact consumer attitudes around quality and healthiness. Consumers find authentic, green, and clean ingredients appealing. The report states that 28 percent of global consumers feel that snacks that are free-from ingredients deemed for health – make a snack more premium or high quality. Consumers are actively avoiding or moderating their intake of dietary evils. Streamlined ingredient lists and free-from claims further enhance perceptions of value, as consumers deem these products better quality, better for the environment, and healthier.

It’s important for brands to ensure that products have enhanced perceptions of value. Brands can also incorporate sustainable practices into their production and distribution processes, like using biodegradable, recyclable, and plastic-free packaging. Companies should implement sustainable practices throughout supply chains to minimize and eliminate food waste and carbon emissions.

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