Middle East Consumers’ Growing Interest in Healthy Indulgence Gives Rise to Clean Labels

Consumers, looking for healthy indulgence, in the Middle East have prompted brands to focus on “clean label” ingredients. With the Middle Eastern region emerging as one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, brands have to oblige to the consumers’ interests and demands.

Dr Anthony JIX, VIP of Innovation, says this has led to the importance of clean label in the Middle East as more consumers look at the back of the products to check the ingredients list. “These consumers want to be able to indulge in their favorite foods and beverages, but do not feel any guilt about it, which means seeking that fine balance as well as a bit of indulgence.”

Consumers Middle East IMF sees high rates, oil prices and inflation worries in Middle East | Reuters

He explained that a clean label is important because consumers can check for themselves. “In a region like the Middle East where spices are so important in local cuisines, this is also a very crucial area to focus on. It is why we have made all our items here clean label, including the spices, and partner brands that design their relevant products with our clean label ingredients can also be assured of the clean label aspect.”

According to Market Data Forecast, the Middle East and African Clean Label Ingredient Markets is estimated to reach $2.97 Billion by 2028 from a market value of $2.2 Billion in 2022 at a CAGR of 6.19 percent. The market continues to build up momentum with the developing sector of natural ingredients, which carry a variety of functional benefits. The report highlights clean-label ingredients as a class of food additives and elements that include products like sweeteners, colors, flavors, etc. The ingredients have specific properties which classify them under a clean label.

Moreover, increasing awareness about health issues related to the use of artificial food additives and food safety incidents has led to the emergence of clean-label ingredients.

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