Why has Kraft Heinz Company Launched ‘Homebake’?

HOMEBAKE is the Kraft Heinz Company’s newest brand, a family-friendly, mix-and-match collection of frozen foods. It includes entrée, side, and veggie dishes with over 500 possible menu combinations from 15 base products.

All offerings are uniquely dressed to cook together in one standard oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. This is a first for the industry. Homebake means a full meal can easily be made without even reading the boxes’ directions.

Alan Kleinerman, vice-president of Disruption at Kraft Heinz, highlighted that consumers are busier than ever, making meal prep that much more difficult despite a continued desire for food that tastes like homemade. He said Kraft Heinz is giving consumers solutions to the pain points they all experience when cooking, and shattering the notion that there needs to be a tradeoff when it comes to quality, convenience, customization, and crave ability.

Kraft Heinz
Source: Kraft Heinz

“Homebake aims to solve this problem by reimagining family dinner, giving consumers a convenient, satisfying, and delicious total meal system made with quality ingredients that require limited planning and minimal clean up.”

Kraft Heinz says consumers pick their entrée, side, and veggie of choice, place all three in the oven together, set the time, and then plate piping hot and crave-worthy dinner right out of the trays – all while getting 30 minutes back in their day. Homebake 425deg-30 leverages proprietary roasting pan technology, ownable recipes, quality ingredients, and a unique cooking process that allows mains, sides, and veggies to cook quickly and simultaneously, steaming for 25 minutes, and then roasting for five.

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Homebake 425deg/30 menu items include mains – chicken parmesan, Southwest Style Chipotle Chicken, Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce, Italian Style Meatballs, Garlic Butter Chicken Scampi. Sides are Southwest Style Cheesy Rice, Parmesan Crusted Potato Medley, Loaded Scalloped Potatoes, Homestyle Mac & Cheese, Creamy Tomato Tuscan Style Pasta; and Veggies including Italian Style Cauliflower, Cheesy Broccoli, Green Bean Casserole, Teriyaki Vegetable Blend, Mexican Style Creamy Corn.

Homebake 425°/:30 by Kraft-Heinz makes dinner easy

The Homebake brand is Kraft Heinz’s latest example of innovation, reimagining product development and leveraging breakthrough technologies to develop better products, faster – all without losing the flavor and quality consumers expect from the Kraft Heinz brand.

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