Manscaped Pays Homeage to Men and Their Boys in ‘The Boys’ Campaign

Manscaped, a global men’s grooming company and lifestyle consumer brand, has launched its all-new campaign that utilizes a unique visual metaphor. It blended optimized and data-driven performance with a big and bold, long-term, brand-building strategy.

Marcelo Kertesz, chief marketing officer of Manscaped, said ‘The Boys’ is all about embracing this brand and performance marketing re-balance. “This came naturally to us as we were able to lean into one of our brand’s most distinctive strengths – our use of humor to break conversation barriers – to develop a concept that truly sticks with people, all while producing world-class content that continues to perform across channels and platforms.”

The ad campaign features two identically unkempt miniature boys happily bobbing up and down the beach alongside their full-size male counterparts. They enjoy their daily jogs, Jacuzzi soaks, and typical social events. Manscaped says their wild, untamed manes prove to be a source of irritation and even unwanted attention. And standing amidst several pairs of fellow grooms boys at a wedding, the minis realize that its time for a new look.

Manscaped collaborated with creative agency Pereira O’Dell for the campaign. The goal was to stop treating male below-the-belt grooming like it’s some kind of taboo. Jason Apaliski, executive creative director at Pereira O’Dell, said it’s a riot. “The instant you saw it, you couldn’t help but laugh, it was so disarmingly dumb. It was the thing that caught our attention internally, instantly.

He explained the idea came out of one of the biggest challenges – “When you’re talking about the groin: mainstream channels aren’t gonna let you show that area or show that product in action. How can we showcase that in a way that’s meaningful and memorable, but also true to not just the brand, but the audience of men?”

Kertesz said Manscaped needed to change its marketing approach. “When you are trying to scale on performance marketing, it reaches a point where scaling is no longer efficient. You need to start to work the top of the funnel and make the brand a bit more front and center, and bring more people in.”

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Nandika Chand