Egyptian Malt Beverage ‘Fayrouz’ Undergoes Biggest Comprehensive Redesign

Fayrouz, a popular Egyptian malt beverage, has gone through its biggest comprehensive redesign since 2011. It is an iconic brand that many Egyptians enjoyed as children and continues to enjoy as adults. Fayrouz engages all one’s senses with its rich foam, golden color, and fresh aroma that distinguish the brand from other ordinary soft drinks.

Youssef Abou Elkhair, Marketing Manager Malt Beverages at Al Ahram Beverages, said Fayrouz is an iconic brand for many Egyptians. “The packaging redesign posed a unique challenge, how do you evolve a brand’s look and feel without losing its iconic design Since Fayrouz is such a beloved brand, it was crucial for us to choose an agency partner who not only offered world-class creativity but also understood the brand’s history and nostalgic appeal.”

Fadi Yaish, CEO and Creative Chairman of And Us Group, said No One knows and treasures the timeless and classic appeal of regional design aesthetics. “It has been our absolute pleasure and privilege to work on the redesign of the brand as revered as Fayrouz.”

But this comes with its own challenges. Yaish explained that when you truly love something, you don’t want it to ever change. “Our goal was to keep the diehard Fayrouz fans happy while evolving the brand just enough to capture the hearts and minds of a whole new generation.”

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Nandika Chand