Tesco Launches Integrated Campaign for 2023 Eid Celebrations

Recognizing the importance of the month of Ramadan, Tesco has launched a campaign to reflect the experiences of Muslim families across the U.K. The campaign is centred around a busy family excitedly preparing for the Eid celebration.

Tesco partnered with BBH and EssenceMediaCom, as well as The Unmistakable, to create this campaign. The British retailer’s Race and Ethnicity Network ensured the experiences of Ramadan and Eid were represented authentically.

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Alia’s Worth the Wait Samosas

Called “Alia’s worth the wait Samosas”, the advert shows Alia, a mother who is keeping her son Umar entertained. She challenges him to see if he can spot the new moon. The boy knows that once the moon is sighted, Eid will be declared, meaning that family and friends will join them in feasting and celebration. They will finally be able to eat one of his mum’s delicious veggie samosas. The creative of the campaign focuses on the yearly tradition of the moon sighting, which is always the topic of conversation within Muslim families as they await to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

This is part of Tesco’s innovative “Together this Ramadan” work from 2022. The retailer has been using the well-loved Food Love Stories campaign to show the experience of Muslims around the U.K as they celebrate Eid. Its previous campaigns include, “Not quite Auntie’s sumac chicken”.

Heart Warming Project

The latest campaign “Alia’s worth the wait Samosas” went live across TV, Video on Demand, Online Video Advertising, Social, Out-of-home, Radio and Print on April 10. It should be noted that Tesco and its creative partners, for the campaign, considered perspectives of people who celebrate Ramadan and Eid. Sasha Nathwani, director, described the campaign as a heart-warming project. He said there are four million British Muslims in the U.K who rarely see themselves represented in British advertising. Nathwani shared that it was special to dive into his own childhood memories of Eid to bring Chloe and Ciara’s script to the screen for BBH and Tesco’s Food Love Stories.

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Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, said Tesco Food Love Stories is about how great food brings people together. Ramadan and Eid, for many Muslims, are important moments in their calendar. Bellini said they developed this campaign to share the stories for these communities at this special time and are proud to help them feel seen, heard and understood.