Burger King ‘Reclaim the Flame’ Does a Sizzle

After announcing its ambitious Reclaim the Flame strategy a little more than a year ago, Burger King says things are getting on the track. Burger King is prioritizing advertising, remodels, relocations, restaurant technology, kitchen equipment, and building enhancements. There have been sequential improvements.

Tom Curtis, North America president of Burger King, said the brand has unveiled a new look, a new Sizzle prototype restaurant. He explained Sizzle is a warm and inviting décor package for Burger King Franchises. “Guests and operators instantly the modern take. The format allows new models like kiosk and in-store mobile order and pickup, as well as mobile order and pickup at the drive-thru. Those are defined clearly so the guest gets the same consistent experience every time they come to one of our restaurants.”

Burger King interior
Image Source: Burger King

Curtis said the brand will have 14 additional prototypes completed in 2023. He shared that Burger King has more scrapes and rebuilds scheduled for 2024. “I think, in general, this is not going to be a push for us with the franchisee because it’s cost parity and because it’s warm and inviting, and because it’s operationally friendly.”

Burger King believes the Sizzle will spread quickly. Last quarter, the brand spent $9 million of $50 million on refreshes, like broilers and toasters. The $200 million Royal Reset remodel royal credit is recognized as contra-revenue in franchise and property revenues. Burger King is aiming for a long-term transformation over a quick fix.

Burger King exterior.
Image Source: Burger King

Curtis said Burger King needs to get double drive-thrus to accommodate the digital experience. “We need to get the footprint of the interior design so that people can come in and order on kiosks. We need to have what designated space and place for people who want to mobile order and just come in and swoop up their food. We also have to have the technology to support that.”

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