Everland Highlights Gudbrand and Flotemys’ Brand Heritage in Packaging Redesign

Gudbrand and Flotemys, the classic brown cheeses by Norwegian dairy-maker Synnove, now stands apart from competitors thanks to its packaging redesign.

Gudbrand Norwegian Brown Cheese
Source: Everland.dk

Everland, a Scandinavian consumer brand agency, took up the redesigning project for Synnove to rejuvenate the beloved brown cheese classics Gudbrand and Flotemys. The design had to express relevance and originality as Synnove wanted to keep existing fans and recruit new ones too.

Rikke Hatlo, Design Director at Everland, said the agency wanted to highlight the dairy-maker’s determination and pioneering spirit. She described Synnove as a symbol of women’s fighting spirit. “We placed her front and center on the pack, in the spotlight. In addition, we used colors and wood carving-inspired illustrations to visualize Synnove’s Norwegian heritage in a modern way. The results set Synnove apart from competition, and emphasize its relevance to consumers.”

Rikke Hatlo - Design Director - EVERLAND
Source: Rikke Hatlo LinkedIn

Halto believes Synnove shows the world how far persistence and ingenuity can take a person or business. “The values are embedded in the new design to inspire us every time we reach for a slice of cheese.”

Catherine Myrvang, Marketing Director at Scandza, owner of the Synnove brand, believes the new design is storytelling at its best. “We’ve given the packaging design a make-over that emphasizes the core values of Synnove, our story and craft. Every slice of brown cheese is a slice of Synnove’s proud history and Norwegian traditions.” Myrvang said they used their past to strength the present and look to the future. “Everland helped us take back the position as a serious player in the market. It was a confidence-building process, and the result speaks for itself. Synnove Brunost is back.

Norwegian Brown Cheese
Source: Norwegian Food store

Everland highlighted Synnove as the beautiful tale of Norwegian female entrepreneurship. The redesign is catching up with the Norwegians. According to the agency, sales in the four weeks of 2023 grew up by +40 percent, compared to the same period last year. Synnove has taken an additional 3 percent market share of the brown cheese segment.

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