Master of Constant Reinvention: LEGO Evolves Brand Identity with New Design Elements

LEGO is set to build a more consistent design experience for its consumers with a new set of design elements. The brand wants to bring joy and pride of building, and creating to life through cohesive design language, refreshed assets, and architecture.

Master of Constant Reinvention: LEGO Evolves Brand Identity with New Design Elements

LEGO Group’s in-house creative and strategic agency, Our LEGO Agency (OLA) worked with Interbrand for the new brand identity. They created a set of design elements that the LEGO Group could own to evolve its existing brand identity across all physical products and in the digital world. Interbrand and OLA researched modes of visual storytelling and found answers in the semiotics of comic books. They replicated these design elements, including LEGO minifigures, cells, and speech bubbles, and Action Graphics, to create the new brand experience. They introduced the first dedicated LEGO brand typeface – LEGO Typewell, which is used across all physical products and digital platforms.

Building beyond the bricks: The LEGO Group launches its first full set of design elements to evolve its brand identity - Interbrand

Thomas Holst Sorensen, Global Head of Design at Our LEGO Agency, said they have been the master of constant reinvention for 90 years. “LEGO Play offers the chance for discovery and invention, where you can always create something new from something familiar. Our new brand DNA reflects what is important for the LEGO brand. It is a beautiful, simple, and well-constructed system that both unifies and breaks free the creative and playful expression of our brand and product experience.”

Oliver Maltby, Executive Creative Director, Portfolio Lead at Interbrand, said the LEGO Group’s archives were a treasure trove of elements that contributed to crafting the final solution – “a mix of storytelling pieces that we used to build out a full LEGO set just as iconic and timeless as the brick itself. The playfulness of the new identity reinforces the vision of the LEGO brand as a global force for learning through play.”

LEGO Group’s enhanced brand identity is building increased global recognition for the brand. It’s driving efficiency, consistency, and excitement inside and outside the organization.

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