Open Letters: Self Space’s Captivating Campaign Unmasking Mental Health Struggles

Self Space, a mental health charity service, is gearing up to launch an impactful out-of-home campaign called ‘Open Letters.’ This extraordinary initiative seeks to combat the prevailing stigma surrounding mental health by sharing the heartfelt stories of numerous individuals across the nation. Through the power of these stories, the campaign aims to cultivate a greater understanding of mental health issues while providing a safe and accepting platform for individuals to express their emotions without the fear of judgment.


Unveiling the Power of Personal Stories

London-based creative agency CALLING partnered with Self Space to bring about the campaign. For CALLING, ‘Open Letters’ campaign stands as a platform for real people to share their own personal mental health journeys and state of mind. By featuring commissioned stories from individuals who have experienced mental health challenges, they designed the campaign in such a way as to humanize the issue and provide a genuine portrayal of the diverse range of experiences faced by individuals across the country. These stories serve as a powerful tool to challenge unhelpful stereotypes and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


Building a Supportive Community through Connection and Workshops

Running throughout the month of May, the ‘Open Letters’ campaign goes beyond traditional out-of-home assets. Alongside the public billboards, Self Space locations will host letter-writing workshops and accessible group therapy programs. These interactive initiatives provide individuals with an opportunity to connect with the campaign on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and providing a safe space for open dialogue. Participants can explore and connect with relevant stories covering various topics such as grief, baby loss, love, and addiction, enabling them to find solace and understanding in shared experiences.


Challenging Stigma and Fostering Acceptance

In the United Kingdom, an alarming nine out of ten people facing mental health challenges experience stigma and discrimination. The workshops offered as part of the ‘Open Letters’ campaign not only empower individuals to share their own stories but also encourage them to challenge societal stigmas surrounding mental health. By sharing these intimate expressions of the human state of mind on public billboards, CALLING and Self Space aim to spark conversations, promote understanding, and pave the way for a more accepting society.


The Big Picture

CALLING’s ‘Open Letters’ campaign, in partnership with Self Space, aims to tackle the stigma around mental health by sharing the stories of real individuals and capturing a true picture of the issue nationwide. Through workshops and accessible group therapy programmes, the campaign allows people to connect with relevant stories and better understand how to support each other. By challenging stereotypes and reducing shame, the campaign aims to create a community where people feel heard, seen, and supported, ultimately breaking down the stigma around mental health.

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Hasin Hamza