TENZING Unveils New Brand Design

Energy drink TENZING has introduced a new brand design for its popular plant-based drinks. It will have the same white backdrop at the bottom of the can. And this is what sets the brand apart from its competitors – giving you all the energy, without the crash.

Huib van Bockel, CEO and founder at TENZING, says they believe in going all in, aiming for the top of Everest, while at the same time having a lot of fun. “We had never quite captured this in a good headline, so when Joe Public came up with “Life is too good for bad energy” we were sold, it is what our product, our team, and our brand is about! And Joe Public has been super fun to work with.”

Jeroen van Eck, founder and Strategy Director at Joe Public, described TENZING as their ideal partner to establish us in the UK. “We both share the ambition of disrupting an industry for the better: TENZING in energy drinks, us in UK advertising.

Tenzing Drink | New Brand Identity
Image Source: tenzingnaturalenergy.com

Jeanine Vermaak, Integrated Creative Director at Joe Public Johannesburg, said it was a fun campaign between clients and agencies in London, Amsterdam, and Johannesburg. “Tenzing is all about providing great natural energy. The new positioning is “Life’s too good for bad energy”, which lends itself to tongue-in-cheek, playful headlines to show there’s a much healthier alternative to other players in the British market. Visually, the mountains recall Tenzing’s brand origins, while the fruit speaks to the fresh, natural recipe. We can’t wait to see the designs all over London – hopefully the first of many.”

Over the last few years, TENZING has achieved incredible growth. In a market dominated by the biggest dogs in the business world, they have achieved the impossible with a small team and small budgets. They are now the 3rd largest energy drink in London Grocery. TENZING is becoming the caffeine fix of the new generation. With this campaign, they hope to further accelerate that growth.

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