Kayak’s Exciting Campaign for UK Travelers Invites You to Seize Your Holiday

The travel search engine Kayak has launched an optimistic new marketing campaign in the UK, encouraging people to stop hesitating and book the getaway they’ve been dreaming of. Titled ‘Seize your holiday’, the campaign is meant to inspire a carpe diem mindset in potential travelers.  Since COVID-19 restrictions have loosened and vaccination rates have increased, many Brits are feeling a surge of wanderlust. But some remain wary of committing to travel plans. Kayak wants to motivate these fence-sitters to take the leap and book their next adventure.

Seizing the Day with Kayak

The ‘Seize your holiday’ campaign encourages travelers to make the most of the opportunities to travel and explore. The desire to travel is well and truly in full swing, and at Kayak, they want to ensure that nothing stops holiday-deprived British travelers from seeing the world themselves. 

Spearheading the campaign is a 30-second promotional film centered around the message ‘Go see for yourself.’ Depicting stunning destinations and experiences around the globe, the video aims to remind viewers of all the world has to offer—and how attainable it can be.

According to Per Christiansen, Kayak’s senior vice president of marketing, “The desire to travel is well and truly in full swing, and at Kayak, we want to ensure nothing and no one stops holiday-deprived British travelers from seeing the world themselves”. 

McCann Manchester’s Creative Touch

Kayak partnered with McCann Manchester to develop the campaign, and their creative expertise perfectly translated the brand’s vision into a story. The ad marks the first piece of work by McCann Manchester for the US brand since securing its creative account in February this year. The campaign emphasizes the company’s commitment to helping travelers make the most of their travels.

The campaign will run through the end of 2021, intensifying during peak travel periods.

Final Take

Kayak’s “Seize Your Holiday” campaign, crafted in collaboration with McCann Manchester, aims to inspire and empower travelers to embrace the joy of exploring the world. Through a captivating hero film, Kayak is set to revolutionize the way we plan and embark on our dream destinations. Kayak’s got their fingers crossed that this new campaign will give travel bookings in the UK a much-needed boost. And who knows? Maybe it’ll even inspire folks to start dreaming up their next adventure.