Brands to look out for at Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for brands looking to stand out and make a mark in the world.

World Expos are held once every five years and they offer a sea of opportunities for companies to grow and cement their brand positioning.

Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East and the biggest event to be held in the MENA region. It has one main theme and three sub-themes. The main theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, while the three sub-themes are ‘Opportunity’, ‘Mobility’, and ‘Sustainability’.

The show has several brand partners who will work together to make it a success. Each of them will bring their own expertise and knowledge to the table, and will use the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and stand out from their competitors.

The Expo in turn will provide them an opportunity to forge new partnerships and reach out to new markets.

By participating, brands can make new connections, reach new markets, get new stakeholders, know what’s coming in the future, and stay on top of trends.

Here are the top brands you should keep a lookout for at the Expo.

1. Accenture
Accenture has partnered with Etisalat to provide an unparalleled digital experience to visitors. The brand has developed all of the Expo’s digital channels, including the official mobile app, virtual assistant, and website. According to a press statement, Accenture aims to make the Expo ‘one of the smartest, fastest, and best-connected places on earth’.

2. Nissan
Nissan aims to showcase the future of sustainable mobility at Expo 2020 Dubai and to draw on its expertise to raise awareness about environmental challenges. Besides this, the Japanese company will provide a fleet of over 600 vehicles to the Expo site. It will also launch its new Nissan Ariya, a 100% electric crossover SUV, at the Expo.

3. PepsiCo
PepsiCo is Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Beverage and Snack Partner. PepsiCo’s contribution to the expo will include an AI-powered store and an Aquafina Water Station where customers can customise their drink, choosing between a variety of flavours. Besides this, PepsiCo will also showcase its new recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of its products.

4. Terminus
Terminus Group is expected to deploy more than 150 robots at the Expo site. These robots will perform a variety of tasks such as greeting visitors and providing assistance with food and beverage delivery.

5. Talabat
Talabat will have a two-storied food hall that, according to a press statement, uses “cutting-edge technology and robotics to deliver an efficient dining experience”

6. Emirates
Visitors to the Emirates Pavilion will get an opportunity to design their own aircraft, while learning about the innovative metallic and composite materials of the future

6. Dettol
Dettol will set up no-touch hand-sanitiser stations at all entrance and departure gates, pavilions and restaurants. The brand will also undertake initiatives to educate visitors on the importance of hygiene.

9. Siemens.
At Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens will aim to provide a blueprint for smart cities in the future. According to a press statement, as many as 137 buildings at the Expo will be integrated using Siemens technologies. Once the Expo is over, these buildings will be used as Siemens’ new home for Dubai operations.

Running from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai will be a venue of cooperation, innovation, and networking. The event is expected to get over 25mn visitors and see the participation of 191 countries.