On Brand 2017 to be held on October 12th

On Brand 2017 to be held on October 12thThis is for everyone obsessed with brands. Europe’s biggest brand event is to be held in Amsterdam this year on October 12th. With some of the best speakers and industry experts from around the globe, On Brand 2017 would be an enlightening experience to all marketers.

The highlight would also include hands on workshops in the fields of marketing, technology and innovation. The most exciting part about On Brand is the four stages that cater to the various elements of branding.

On Brand brings you, ‘Brand Universe’, a stage that shares stories from some of the most successful brands worldwide. There is ‘Cosmic Innovation’ for the tech-savvy branding professionals, throwing light on building better brand experiences using technology.

If you have been hungry for ideas lately, there is something that can excite you on this event, ‘Galactic Inspiration’ is for people of your kind.

Finally, if being creative is in your blood, there is something for you as well. There is a stage called ‘Lunar Creativity’ for everyone who finds pleasure in creativity.

Find out more about On Brand here: https://onbrand.me/17/

Speakers: https://onbrand.me/17/speakers/

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