Hungry Jack’s Australia Brings Back Big Jack and Mega Jack: Popular Demand

No one can say no to customers, not even Hungry Jack’s, the fast-food restaurant that faced McDonalds in court over its popular burgers ‘Big Jack’ and ‘Mega Jack’ for being a Big Mac copy. McDonald’s cried trademark infringement of its Big Mac range of burgers.

However the Federal Court in Australia ruled in 2023 that Big Jack was not deceptively similar to Big Mac, and Mega Jack was not deceptively similar to Mega Mac. The judge highlighted that the purpose was not to mislead, but to invite comparison and contrast.

Big Jack and Mega Jack

And now, Hungry Jack’s has brought back its Big Jack and Mega by popular demand. Chris Green, Hungry Jack’s chief executive said no one can deny customers their demand. About 2023’s legal battle, he said he wanted Australia to be the true judge of its most recognizable tagline.

“You ask anybody what they think of Hungry Jack’s they always say ‘The burgers are better’. It’s not just a slogan or a logo – we really believe in it. So when this legal matter came about we really decided to stand firm, we believed we’d done the right thing.”

Hungry Jack's Australia Brings Back Big Jack and Mega Jack: Popular Demand

Green said Hungry Jack’s sees itself as the little Aussie battler. He highlighted that they are not the Goliath of the industry, but it was important for the company to stand up and defend its rights. The executive added that they continue to enjoy competition, and friendly rivalry with the Golden Arches. “We like to have a bit of fun. There’s space for all of us in the market.”

Big Jack and Mega Jack

Scott Baird, Hungry Jack’s chief marketing officer, said they are thrilled to announce the return of Big Jack and Mega Jack burgers. “We are even more excited to bring it back bigger and better than ever, packed with flame-grilled Aussie flavor and boundless deliciousness for our burger-loving community.”

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