Interbrand Announces its ‘Breakthrough Brands’ Report for 2017

Global brand consultants Interbrand, which is part of the Omnicom Media Group – an advertising and public relations conglomerate, have published their second edition of a global list of emerging brands called Interbrand Breakthrough Brands Report. Interbrand conducted the study in partnership with Ready Set Rocket, a New York based digital marketing agency, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Interbrand picked its final list of brands on the basis of growth potential, the capacity to grab attention (of consumers), and the strength of the business model.

The report has taken into account start-ups and brand-driven emerging companies which have a unique business model or idea, as well as a strong brand. The objective is to discover and celebrate the next generation of brands—the start-ups, upstarts, challengers, problem solvers, innovators, and category creators that are embodying growth. According to Interbrand, being considered a ‘Breakthrough Brand’ takes more than a unique idea and business model, and goes far beyond injections of funding. It’s about growing businesses that are also great brands, and the combination of the two that helps a company achieve standout growth.

While selecting the 2017 class of Breakthrough Brands, 4 key criteria were examined:
Age: Is the brand 10 years or younger?
Change: Is the brand driving change by responding to a unique marketplace need, generating a new experience for consumers, disrupting an industry, adopting a new business model or developing a new technology?
Growth: Is the brand demonstrating its ability to grow? Is it operating as a successful business? Is it stretching into new product or service categories — or new geographies? Is it attracting top talent?
Buzz: Is the brand grabbing attention and gaining momentum?

The selection process involved a team of in-house analysts having researched each brand in detail, aggregating all available information about their histories, business models, media mentions, and growth. Taking this information as a whole, the analysts synthesized key themes and categories and placed the brands that best reflect each therein. The report is designed to serve as a cross-section of future growth in the brand space and a curated collection of the most exciting new brands from around the globe. This report is meant to complement Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands Report.


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