Volkswagen Celebrates Brand VW 75th Anniversary in the US

75 years ago in New York, US, Volkswagen made its first attempt to sell its Beetle. Today, the German carmaker is celebrating its humble beginnings, recognizing those who intertwined the brand into the cultural fabric of the United States.

From the Beetle and the Bus, through the Rabbit, Jetta, and GTI, and to the Tiguan and Atlas, Volkswagen has always maintained its status as “the people’s car”, delivering not just great value in transportation, but fun-to-drive cars with a unique style.

Volkswagen established its first US plant in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania in 1978. It assembled more than 1.1 Rabbits there. That plant also assembled Volkswagen’s first American sporty car, the Rabbit GTI, a model that would win over generations of fans and spawn several hot-hatch competitors.

Volkswagen Celebrates Brand VW 75th Anniversary in the US

Throughout the 1980s and 90s, Volkswagen offered an increasing level of sophistication and refinement in models like the Jetta and Passat. As retro culture came into vogue in the 90s, Volkswagen showed the Concept 1, a reimagination of the classic Beetle. It was so well received that the brand launched the New Beetle in 1998.

The automobile manufacturer has announced a year-long holistic campaign that will serve as a love letter to the American people, and an invitation to be part of the brand’s electric future. Rachael Zaluzec, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Brand Marketing, at Volkswagen of America, said over the past 75 years Volkswagen has grown from a tale of two Beetles into a part of America’s cultural fabric.

“We carry people in our name and our heart. As we look forward to the next 75, we will celebrate the real people and real-life moments that have made the Volkswagen brand the people’s love story it is today.

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