Yeti Elevates Brand, Deepens Engagement With Consumers

Yeti has taken the great outdoors to a whole new level, by elevating the brand and deepening engagement with consumers. The company wants to inspire others to get into the wild and explore trails.

Paulie Dery, CMO for Yeti, said the outdoors can be intimidating and may not always feel accessible for everyone. “We believe it’s important to search for new opportunities to leverage unexpected platforms in creative ways to help break down some of these barriers. Our hope is to encourage more people to get out and explore the Wild and maybe even inspire some to map a few new trails of their own.”

Conrad Anker, Yeti ambassador, explained that the company can use its new Hopper Soft Coolers with its ambassadors as they film and explore the great outdoors. He highlighted that ‘Map the Gaps’ is a fun way to introduce people to the outdoors. “The combination of maps and hiking is useful and educational. I’m basically stoked about all the cool stuff I get to do with Yeti.”

Yeti's $300 Coolers Are Now the Hottest Outdoor Lifestyle Accessory | Fortune

Map the Gaps also showcases the plethora of unmarked trails worldwide. Steph Davis, Yeti ambassador, said if only a few trails have available information, then people end up on the same few trails. “They become crowded, and it’s not good for the trail or your experience. So if more are available, it can help spread people out.”

It inspires and builds community between Yeti and its consumers. Yeti communities have expanded from only two in 2006 to 15 in 2023. The company continues to leverage its marketing and ambassador programs to drive growth.  The shift from wholesale to direct-to-consumer (DTC) allowed Yeti to understand its core customers better and deliver relevant marketing information and products to the target markets.

Matt Reintjes, president and CEO of Yeti, said they discussed the debut of their every single-use campaign, showing their product durability and contrasting Yeti to single-use disposable alternatives. He highlighted the campaign as successful as it expanded internationally across major metropolitan markets and 18 college campuses.

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