American Express Teams Up with Hong Kong MIRROR’s Singer-Actor Ian Chan

American Express (AMEX) has roped in Ian Chan, Hong Kong boyband MIRROR’s member who is also a singer, to highlight the membership privileges of the Platinum Card. Themed ‘Urban Legend’, the campaign showcases many privileges of The Platinum Card, which covers traveling, dining and transportation in Hong Kong, and beyond.

Chan touches on the truth of the Platinum legends of the American Express Platinum Card where Members can benefit from the many pleasures which traveling provides. In the ad video, the celebrity invites The Platinum Card members to an ultimate travel experience and lifestyle benefits, with the card being a platinum key to a journey of their wishes.

American Express Teams Up with Hong Kong MIRROR’s Singer-Actor Ian Chan

Donald Lau, vice president, of acquisition and partnerships, international card services Hong Kong, American Express, said they are thrilled to partner with Chan from Hong Kong’s MIRROR on ‘Urban Legend’ Platinum Card promotional campaign. “As someone who is always seeking out the finest things in life, Chan perfectly embodies the unique lifestyle enjoyed by our platinum cardmembers. By offering a diverse array of premium travel and lifestyle benefits with Platinum Card, we are empowering our cardmembers to access exclusive privileges, including the opportunity to get access to Ian’s debut solo concert. We are committed to supporting cardmembers in creating their own symphony of life, while continuously exploring the unlimited surprises that await as they journey with American Express.”

Michelle Yuen, vice president, head of product and marketing, international card services Hong Kong at American Express, said they are committed to delivering exceptional products, services and experiences every day. “We understand that consumers in Hong Kong, especially the younger generations, appreciate experiences more – not just events but also lifestyle experiences. We’re therefore bringing more and more different experiences to cardmembers in Hong Kong, in addition to sponsoring Ian’s debut solo concert.”

American Express platinum card

Chan also shared his excitement of partnering with American Express. “I am very pleased about this collaboration with American Express, as I can finally share with you my treasured card – the Platinum card. Made with metal, it provides weight and class to the user experience and is a must-have for those who are looking for finer things in life. Thanks to it, I am not ‘Lost at First Sight’, and am able to experience the many wonders of travelling as seen in the promotional video.”

American Express has also leveraged online and offline channels, including billboard as an impactful out-of-home activation, owned social posts, and paid social posts to maximize the reach to young affluent audiences.

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