Roblox Makes Video Ads Available to Advertisers and Brands for Deeper Connections

Roblox is making video ads available to all advertisers to easily reach and connect with the platform’s community. This opens up a scalable opportunity for brands to interact with Gen Z consumers who represent over half of the platform’s 71.5 million daily active users.

Stephanie Latham, vice president of global brand partnerships at Roblox, says brands can create deeper connections and engage tens of millions of Gen Z users who represent the platform’s top-spending demographic and spend millions of hours daily connecting and exploring immersive experiences. “Our new video ads format offers the simplicity and scalability that brands want to drive global awareness and consideration. Any brand can easily leverage our video ads in their campaigns, benefitting from a format built for this digitally savvy consumer generation that’s increasingly hard to reach through traditional and 2D media.”

The new video ads will be available through Roblox’s self-serve Ads Manager and also through programmatic media buying. It will come with expanded controls and features like genre targeting, brand suitability, and an audience estimator. Advertisers, later on in the year, will be able to buy completed views, a proven format in the industry currently being beta-tested in Ads Manager.

Insights About Roblox Video Ads

Enrico D’Angelo, vice president of economy at Roblox, highlighted a study with Latitude that pointed to positive user reception of video ads. A vast majority of the study respondents (75%) said they were more likely to notice brands advertised on Roblox as compared to brands that advertise elsewhere, and 73% see brands that advertise on Roblox as category leaders.Roblox Makes Video Ads Available to Advertisers and Brands for Deeper Connections

D’Angelo said three-quarters of respondents believe brands that advertise on Roblox are innovative and unique. “This sentiment reflects our vision for immersive ads which is to help make user experiences richer on the platform – immersive, not disruptive. We are focused on building powerful, native-to Roblox solutions like video ads that bring advertisers inside 3D immersive experiences and serve their needs of innovating and engaging communities at scale in these new spaces. We are also leveraging and building upon industry standard advertising goals like completed views, evolving them to ensure more authenticity for our users.”

Roblox Partners with Integral Ad Science and Kantar

Roblox has teamed up with Integral Ad Science, a global media measurement and optimization platform, and Kantar, a brand consultancy, to offer measurement solutions to its advertisers. For Integral Ad Science, this is a first-to-market integration with Roblox to provide 3D in-experience Viewability and Invalid Traffic measurement in complex environments. As such, advertisers on the gaming platform will get access to industry-leading third-party measurements to verify their immersive ads, video, and image formats, are driving engagement with real users.

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And with Kantar’s Brand Lift Solution, Roblox will get an interim solution for brand lift studies utilizing forced-exposure methodology for eligible video ad campaigns on Roblox. The platform will offer full integrations with multiple brand lift partners, in the near future, for industry-standard passive measurement of ad campaigns.

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