Amazon Ads Gives Advertisers More Control

Amazon Ads has bestowed advertisers with more control over the audiences they reach by introducing a host of new capabilities across campaign planning, activation, and measurement. Advertisers can now reach their target audience faster and achieve more actionable insights into ad performance.

Kelly MacLean, the vice president of Amazon DSP, at the unboxed 2023 conference said advertisers believe demonstrating the impact of their marketing is their biggest challenge. “They are still having difficulty measuring performance across the customer journey. They need more actionable insights to reach current and potential customers at scale.”

MacLean said Amazon aims to solve this and help advertisers thrive in a world of model-based solutions because how brands reach their audience tomorrow will look completely different than it does today. “We’re simplifying fundamental marketing tasks like planning, activation, and measurement, and I’m excited to see how advertisers use our new capabilities to unlock incremental reach and drive meaningful business outcomes.”

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Paula Despins, vice president of measurement at Amazon Ads, said customer journeys are complex. “Marketers need the ability to easily bring together disparate signals and analyze them in ways that serve their unique business needs – understanding what combination of advertising touchpoints lead to conversion,” Despins explained this is what Amazon Ads is solving with Amazon Marketing Cloud. She said more insights mean more impactful advertising for both brands and shoppers.

Amazon Ads is expanding the breadth of real-time campaign metrics available to advertisers. Amazon Marketing Stream, a push-based API solution that delivers hourly campaign metrics, is now available worldwide and includes Amazon DSP metrics alongside already-available Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display reporting feeds.

Moreover, Amazon Ads has expanded its new-to-brand metrics suite, which helps advertisers understand, reach, and optimize their campaigns toward new customers. With these metrics, advertisers can see how many customers saw their ad and visited the brand’s product page or added one of its products to their cart for the first time in the past 12 months. With this insight, the brand can understand how its advertising is growing in reach and engagement with new customers.

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